School Teachers Arrested for Sexual Contact with Students

In the criminal world, children are among the most vulnerable to exploitation and abuse. Parents do everything they can to keep their kids safe, but there is only so much they can do to protect their children from abuse while they are away from home. Children are often taken advantage of by those that are much older than them, and those who have an influential role over them. In some cases, school teachers use their position to engage their students in unlawful sexual activities.

In once such incident, a Beaumont, California school teacher allegedly had sexual contact with one of her underage pupils. According to reports, police arrested 32-year-old Samantha Lee Ciotta in September 2017. Ciotta had been working as a teacher at Beaumont High School when the alleged incident occurred. The school had put Ciotta on a temporary leave of absence while detectives carried out the investigation.

The detectives reportedly discovered that Ciotta engaged the student in a sexual way for some months. During that time, the detectives say Ciotta sent illicit messages to the student, which support the allegations against her. The student allegedly admitted to the detectives during an interview that he and Ciotta had sex on multiple occasions. Reports indicate that Ciotta remains in custody in the Larry D. Smith Correctional Facility on charges stemming from the illegal affair. Police have not revealed the student’s age.

Ciotta was not the only teacher arrested for sexual contact with a student this month. Jessie Lorene Goline, a 25-year-old Arkansas high school teacher, found herself in police custody after she purportedly had sex with four of her students. Goline worked at both the East Poinsett and Marked Tree county schools where the incidents allegedly occurred.

According to online news sources, Goline began by sending the students messages to their phones, which later took on a sensual and suggestive nature. Goline allegedly sent one of the students a picture of herself in her underwear. Reports indicate that Goline had taken the students to her home to have sex and, on one occasion, had intercourse with two students in one day. The alleged incident occurred around the beginning of 2016, but only came to light recently when a parent raised concerns.

Goline remains behind bars at the Craighead County Detention Center. Despite allegedly having sex with four students, reports say Goline is facing a single charge of sexual assault because only one of the students was under 18 years of age. News sources did not indicate whether Goline was being held on bail.