Sheila Keen Warren Arrested

Sheila Keen Warren of Washington County, Virginia Arrested for Murder

Police arrested Sheila Keen Warren of Washington County, Virginia for the murder of Marlene Warren. The arrest was the result of a 27 year investigation. Officers booked Warren, 54, into the Southwest Virginia Regional Jail on the charge of first degree murder. Officials will soon extradite her to Florida, where the murder occurred, to face trial. It is currently unclear whether she has retained legal representation.

The incident began in 1990, reports say. Marlene had been living with her husband Michael Warren in Wellington, Florida. Michael owned a car rental agency in the state at the time. Sheila served as one of his employees who helped him track down and recover cars from delinquent owners. According to news sources, Michael and Marlene were going through problems with their marriage.

On May 26, 1990, Marlene heard a knock on her front door. She opened it and saw a woman wearing an orange wig and clown makeup on her face. The clown was holding a bouquet of flowers and two balloons. Reports say one balloon bore the image of snow white, while the other read “Have a great day.” Marlene reached out to take the balloon and flowers. As she did, the clown pulled a gun and shot Marlene in the head.

Detectives initially pinned Marlene’s husband, David, as their primary suspect. Sources say the investigation led them to his rental agency where they uncovered a slew of other crimes. As a result, authorities charged David for altering the miles on vehicles, stealing vehicles, and for racketeering. However, they were not able to charge David for the murder of his wife.

As the investigation continued, detectives reportedly learned that David had been cheating on his wife with Sheila, and she became their next suspect. Though the investigators believed Shelia was most likely the murderer, they were unable to come up with any evidence that proved she committed the crime. They had recovered evidence that, if possible, could match the DNA of the killer, but DNA testing at the time was not possible. The case then grinded to a halt.

The police reopened the cold case in 2014, reports say. This time, with the advent of new technology, detectives were able to compare DNA evidence from the crime scene and reportedly matched it to Sheila Warren. Since the murder, Sheila and David had married and moved to Virginia. The detectives tracked her to her current residence and placed her under arrest, 27 years after the murder of Marlene Warren. As legal professionals, kudos to all of those who kept fighting and never let this case die!