Should High School be Mandatory?

After receiving a couple of degrees, I can tell you – at least based off of my personal experience – high school did not prepare me for college or the “real world.” Granted, my high school was not the cream of the crop. However, I have heard similar remarks from individuals who went to much nicer high schools than mine. When I was in high school, we basically learned how to take a standardized test, were held hostage there from 7am-3pm, and were forced to take a bunch of classes we had no interest in. That being said, high school did allow me access to a vital place – college. Having a high school degree provided me with a ticket to learn what I actually wanted to learn. It also provided me with a lot of connections and resources that I still use until this day. I am saying all of that to say, that is why high school should be mandatory.

While there are some amazing people out there who have wonderful lives without ever having completed high school, I think that everyone should still be required to finish it. Even though I have engaged in a lot of schooling, I am not a fan of the way the school system works. I think that there is not enough real world training, and a lot of time and money is wasted doing pointless classes and activities. But school is also a great thing, because it pushes us to start a task and finish it, it encourages us to get involved in different organizations that push us to be better citizens, it teaches us basic fundamentals of math, science, English, etc. – there are many things that being in a school environment teaches us.

Furthermore, having a high school diploma opens the door for a lot of different opportunities. There are more job and higher education opportunities. I don’t think that a fifteen-year-old fully understands the significance of having a high school diploma. That is why I feel that the law should make the choice of going to high school for them. Also, a lot more minorities seem to drop out of high school than other races. A lot of times they feel as though they have no choice, or that they are good enough. This contributes to the lack of opportunities for minorities. Forcing students to complete high school would help boost the level of minorities not only completing high school, but college as well.

What do you all think? Should high school be mandatory?