Three Steps to Post Bail Fast

The police arrest hundreds of people every day for crimes that range from minor conflicts to robberies and grand theft auto. Not everyone is guilty of these offenses, and the criminal justice system entitles every person to have a fair trial, as well as a fair chance to post their bail. When you or a loved one is facing incarceration during their trial, you want to do all you can to get them out of jail. In this article, we will highlight the best steps to take following an arrest to bail you or your loved ones out of lockup fast.

Step One – Discover the Charges
One of the first helpful pieces of information you need are the police charges. Though it varies state-by-state, many states will have predetermined bail amounts for almost every kind of crime. Once you know the charges you or your loved one is facing, you will have an easier time finding what the set bail will be before the arraignment. This will give you time to find the funds needed, or to find a bonding agency to lend you a hand.

Step Two – Seek the Aid of a Bail Bond Agency
Court ordered bail is rarely affordable. Thankfully, bonding agencies are located throughout the United States, and are always available to help people cover their court sureties. The next step is to call around to find an agency that will work with you. If you were able to learn the charges, the bonding agent will be able to better determine whether they can cover the costs. In most cases, these companies will charge you a 10% fee of the total bail amount. This fee is non-refundable, but much cheaper than what the court requests.

Step Three – Posting Bail
The final step is to pay the court, either directly or through a bonding agency. If you chose to use a bondsman, then they will be able to cover the bail the same day as the arraignment, and avoid jail time all together. If you chose to pay the court yourself, you may also have the option of putting down collateral rather than money, such a title to a car or a home. Once you or your loved one is out of the state’s custody, there are still terms that need to be met. These include going to each scheduled court date. Failing to do so means going back to jail and losing the money or collateral you put down to cover the bail. This is is why it is very important to fulfill all of the bail companies obligations!